The world needs places that equip individuals to serve with compassion, acknowledging our differences while valuing our one-ness. The Rohr Institute's Living School for Action and Contemplation provides such a course of study grounded in the Christian mystical tradition. Cultivating a contemplative mind through teachings and practices, students deepen their awareness of our common union with Divine Reality and all beings. Students emerge empowered to live out their sacred soul task in their homes, workplaces, and all relationships, within a more spacious stance that is at once critical, collaborative, and joyful.



The Rohr Institute is pleased to welcome the first cohort of Living School students in September 2013. Admissions for the 2014-2016 program are open until September 30, 2013. Learn more about the program on the following pages. 

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What can you get at the Living School that you can’t get anywhere else?

A distinct school of spiritual thought grounded in the Christian mystical tradition, the Rohr Institute's Living School offers students exclusive access to learn directly from Fr. Richard Rohr, other core faculty, and invited master teachers. Fr. Richard is a Franciscan of the New Mexico Province, and the Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, now home of the Rohr Institute. An internationally recognized author and spiritual teacher, Fr. Richard serves as Academic Dean of the Living School.

Strongly influenced by the Franciscan Alternative Orthodoxy and drawing further inspiration from the Perennial Tradition, the Living School provides a powerful learning platform that integrates theoretical and practical disciplines. The School combines online courses with on-site sessions to maximize the relationship between personal and communal practice and study.



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