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CORE Faculty

Brian D. McLaren

Former evangelical pastor Brian D. McLaren is a champion for a more loving, inclusive and contemplative Christianity. A faculty member at the Center for Action and Contemplation, he teaches ways to reconnect with the message Jesus lived and died for—unconditional love. He is the author of Faith After Doubt, The Great Spiritual Migration, and host of CAC’s podcast Learning How to See.

Essential reading

Faith After Doubt

Using his own story and those of struggling believers, Brian D. McLaren shows how doubt is not the enemy of faith, but rather a portal to a more mature and fruitful spirituality. In Faith After Doubt, readers leave behind unnecessary baggage and find a path toward what matters most.


Learning How to See

How do we transform and transcend our biases? From judgments made unconsciously to complacency in systemic evil, we must learn how to see if we are to learn how to transform. Brian McLaren joins Richard Rohr and Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis for a special podcast series on how seeing is social, political, and contemplative.

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A Story from Brian

I remember when one of my sons, in first or second grade, summarized the Exodus story with an eye-roll. “It sounded far-fetched,” he said. I laughed because I never heard him say far-fetched before and because of his unvarnished honesty. I know doubt is a shameful secret to many, but what if doubt is actually like medicine, a nourishment that we need and so does our world?

“Christianity began as a revolutionary nonviolent movement promoting a new kind of aliveness on the margins of society. It claimed that everyone, not just an elite few, had God-given gifts.”

– Brian D. McLaren

Daily Meditations

Wisdom from Brian McLaren

Read Daily Meditations inspired by the words of Brian McLaren.

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