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James Finley

Student of Thomas Merton and clinical psychologist, Dr. James Finley teaches how connecting to our Divine indwelling can transcend fear and shame and awaken to our True Self. A faculty member at the Center for Action and Contemplation, he is the author of Merton’s Palace of Nowhere and The Contemplative Heart, and the host of CAC’s podcast Turning to the Mystics.

What’s New

Explore the Spiritual Dimensions of Healing

In this free series, clinical psychologist and CAC teacher James Finley guides listeners into contemplative healing as a response to suffering. James outlines seven steps that intentionally invite spirituality onto the journey of healing trauma.

Essential Reading

The Contemplative Heart

James Finley opens everyday living to contemplative practice. To embrace the contemplative heart is to realize that whatever life we live, the riches of contemplation are within reach.

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A Story From Jim

My father was a violent alcoholic. Through my mother, a devout Catholic, I kept myself tethered to the presence of God. Sometimes, when having to endure the worst, yet finding God in the darkest place, you are liberated from the tyranny of shame over your heart. Where anguish and ecstasy intersect, it becomes incandescent—it becomes oneness.

“At the deepest level, it does not really matter where you seek this path because it is everywhere”

– Dr. James FInley

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