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A black and white image of Barbara Holmes smiling.
CORE Faculty

Barbara Holmes

A scholar of African American spirituality and mysticism, Dr. Barbara Holmes reveals how the cosmos can expand our limited constructs of religion, race, and power. As faculty at the Center for Action and Contemplation, she teaches how God’s communal presence can inspire imagination and wisdom, especially in times of crisis. She is the author of Race and the Cosmos and Joy Unspeakable.

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Race and the Cosmos

What does it mean to be a cosmic being? Re-imagine how we find meaning and expand our options for living “through a cosmological lens.” Dr. Barbara Holmes focuses readers on the spiritual intersection of modern science, ancient indigenous wisdom, and the prevalence of dark matter in our universe.

Daily Meditations

Wisdom from Barbara Holmes

Read Daily Meditations inspired by the words of Barbara Holmes.

“The world is the cloister of the contemplative. There is no escape. Always the quest for justice draws one deeply into the heart of God.”

– Dr. Barbara Holmes

An illustration of two hands holding a small trout just beneath the waterline as a hooked bobber hangs to the right.

A Story From Barbara

Fishing—my contemplative practice—is the place where I find real connection. I fish with my husband, George. Normally we throw them back, but occasionally bless them for nourishment. We don’t talk a lot. We connect in other ways—through the ocean, the waves, the birds diving, and the struggle. God’s grace has been to live, to breathe salt air, and to just be. 

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