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Practice With Us

Discover contemplative wisdom and practices that are easy to understand and apply to your everyday life.

Contemplation is the practice of being fully present—in heart, mind, and body—to what is in a way that deepens awareness, encourages oneness, and strengthens compassion. A committed daily contemplative practice doesn’t have to be long or complex—it simply needs to allow deep listening to open your heart to love.  

Discover ways to embody the contemplative life with this collection of practices that help us align actions and values, re-engage with our True Self, and show up in service to the world. 

I Love You Prayer (5:41)

Christian meditation shifts us from ego to oneness, learning to see God in everyone and everything—including in ourselves. Recorded in 2022 at the Living School Symposium, CAC faculty James Finley, Ph.D., invites us to slow down and listen for God’s silent I love you in each breath. Return to this meditation anytime you feel called to surrender to Love with childlike sincerity.  

Explore Our Collection of Contemplative Practices

Contemplation gradually rewires our brains to meet and respond to reality as it is, without judgment or comparison. There are many ways to practice contemplation, from chanting to breath work, sitting in silence or moving with intention. We hope you will use these resources to discover ways to hold everything—both joy and sorrow—together in love. 

More practices to follow.


Prayer for a Bigger Vision (1:55) 

Prayer is a stance that allows us to experience Divine presence within ourselves and the world. Written originally for the 2006 Prophets Then/Prophets Now Conference, Father Richard Rohr’s prayer invites us to find hope and solidarity as active participants in the Body of Christ. You can listen to Fr. Richard recite his prayer, and come back to this practice anytime you need to be reminded that you are not alone. 

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