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July 27th, 2022
This month, our We Conspire articles explore the impact of empire’s co-opting of Christianity through stories and wisdom from the Christian contemplative movement. The end of this email includes a specially curated practice that invites us to apply this knowledge to our daily lives. The Roots of Christianity

Bringing Our Focus Back to Love

July 27th, 2022
How do we live the Gospel message in a world that often seems to not only accept, but even prefer violence, social injustice, poverty, and many other systems of oppression? While mainstream Christianity often equates evil with individual “sins,” the Alternative Orthodoxy brings our focus back to evil’s

Walking Humbly with God for Justice

July 27th, 2022
How do you practice your faith? What are the actions that take you beyond belief and into being? The Alternative Orthodoxy emphasizes orthopraxy over orthodoxy, teaching that love and action (right practice) are more important than speculative truth (right belief). In this article, Michele Dunne, executive director

The Roots of Christianity and Empire

July 27th, 2022
What happens to Christianity when it serves empire over God? What happens to Christians when we see both our religion and our politics as above criticism? Living together inside God’s Great Story means honoring the universal dignity of every thing in creation. Yet, it becomes increasingly harder to be a loving

Statement from Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM after meeting Pope Francis

July 1st, 2022
ALBUQUERQUE, July 1, 2022: I am full of joy – ecstatic even – reflecting on my meeting with Pope Francis. Our conversation focused on how the rediscovery of the contemplative mind can serve the renewal of Christianity and healing of our world. Sitting across from each other, I shared with him about what God has

Moving Forward Together

June 6th, 2022
Returning to the Center is a series of communal reflections on what we — the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) — are learning in our journey to renew our founding vision in a time of significant growth, change, and contemplative renewal. In my first post in this series, I spoke of the great need for

The Path to Inner Peace

May 25th, 2022
How do we find motivation when our spiritual journey feels stagnant or unfulfilling? Where do we go for inner sustenance when facing seemingly insurmountable odds — like the grief of losing a child or bearing the weight of oppression? In the Christian contemplative tradition, many teachers, such as Thomas Merton

Love is Our Origin & Our Destiny

May 25th, 2022
A loving image of God empowers us to continue the spiritual journey. As modern mystic Fr. Richard Rohr teaches from the alternative orthodoxy, It’s a good and safe universe, and it’s going to be okay. This might be hard to accept sometimes, especially when the world feels fraught with oppression and suffering.

Begin with Yes

May 25th, 2022
Whatever word you use to describe your higher power — God, Goddess, Universe, Yahweh, Love, the Way — is inevitably interwoven with threads of mystery. When we put our energy toward trying to explain God, we have less energy to be present with God — and each other.   I spend much time in contemplation

We Are More Together Than We Realize

May 24th, 2022
Over two years ago, our Visitor Center here at the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) in Albuquerque, NM, closed its doors. At the time, we hoped it was just for the week, which turned into a month, then a summer, and so on. Everyone has their own version of this same story. The movement from togetherness to

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