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Center for Action and Contemplation

James Finley on Tending the Inner Fire 

April 1st, 2024
Our 2024 Daily Meditation theme is “Radical Resilience.” For the next three months, from April to June 2024, we will do a deeper exploration of tending the fire within. How does our inner flame help us strengthen our resilience? Radical resilience is the ability to face hardship with greater love and deeper

Reimagining a Contemplative Lifestyle in March’s We Conspire Series

March 21st, 2024
What does it mean to live a contemplative lifestyle? March’s We Conspire contributors say it has to do with balance. When we learn to weigh our everyday responsibilities with essential time of rest and stillness, we become more deeply connected to ourselves and Divine wisdom. From ancient prayer to

Resting in the Wisdom of The Philokalia

March 21st, 2024
How do we balance our inner practice with our everyday responsibilities? This month, we turn to wisdom from Eastern Orthodox Christianity to explore key principles of the contemplative lifestyle—specifically, Hesychasm, a contemplative prayer of stillness. Join us in discovering more about the Philokalia, a

Receiving the Gifts of Contemplative Practice

March 21st, 2024
How do we identify spiritual wisdom in a world full of information? In this moving article from The Very Rev. Dr. Michael Sniffen, we’re reminded that contemplative wisdom is not something to push for or arrive at—rather it’s a practice of openness and receptivity. Join us in reflecting on how we can better

Creating Space for Sleep and Imagination

March 21st, 2024
What if rest was an act of resistance? Reclaim space to imagine a different kind of future in this wonderful conversation with Tricia Hersey, founder of The Nap Ministry. Hosts of the podcast We Can Do Hard Things, Glennon Doyle, Amanda Doyle, and Abby Wambach join Tricia to explore how experiencing deeper rest offers

Midlife Musings | From ONEING: Falling Upward

March 15th, 2024
This article is from ONEING: Falling Upward, the Fall 2023 issue of the Center for Action and Contemplation’s biannual journal. Both the limited-print edition of ONEING: Falling Upward and the downloadable PDF version are available now in our online bookstore.  In the musical The Wiz, Dorothy sings, “When I

An Interview with Cole Arthur Riley on Radical Resilience 

February 23rd, 2024
How can we embody the word "resilience" in a way that acknowledges the reality that we take on a new shape when we face life's challenges? Cole Arthur Riley recently sat down with Mark Longhurst, CAC’s Digital and Print Publications Manager, to discuss her bestselling book Black Liturgies and how to engage with

Dwelling in the Eye of the Storm 

February 21st, 2024
February’s We Conspire articles explore how to enter contemplative stillness amid turbulence, crisis, and everyday noise. Following the wisdom of ancient and contemporary voices, join us in discovering how cultivating discernment in chaos can not only usher us through difficult periods in our lives, but can

Sitting with the Unknown

February 21st, 2024
What does it feel like to enter a state of contemplation for the first time? The beloved text, The Cloud of Unknowing by Anonymous, has offered generations of contemplative seekers insights for living a more engaged life. Join us in considering some key lessons of The Cloud of Unknowing in February’s We Conspire

Don’t Waste a Good Crisis 

February 21st, 2024
Has a crisis or a breakdown in your life created an opportunity for growth? Margaret Benefiel of the Shalem Institute reflects on how the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic offered her organization an opportunity for growth and development. Join us in reflecting on the opportunities of crisis in this month’s We

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