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Richard Rohr Smiling In Front Of A Group Of Trees
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Richard Rohr

Franciscan friar and ecumenical teacher, Father Richard Rohr bears witness to the deep wisdom of Christian mysticism and traditions of action and contemplation. Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation, Father Richard teaches how God’s grace guides us to our birthright as beings made of Divine Love. He is the author of numerous books, including The Universal Christ, The Wisdom Pattern, Just This, and Falling Upward.


Breathing Under Water Tenth Anniversary Edition

Richard Rohr invites readers on a journey to find bold hope and transformation by facing dependencies head-on. Whether it’s another TV show or another drink, when we engage in negative patterns we inevitably feel worse, not better, than we did before. Disentangle from cultural cycles of sin and emptiness in this 10th anniversary edition of this insightful book.

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The World, the Flesh, & the Devil

In What Do We Do With Evil? Richard Rohr invites us to encounter evil with a contemplative, nondual mind and to reflect on how we too are complicit in the social evils pervading our lives.

An illustration of Venus, Richard's late black labrador retriever.

A Story From Richard

Just days before I began “The Universal Christ,” I learned that my fifteen-year-old black lab, Venus, was dying. She would gaze at me as if to say that all sadness—be it cosmic, human, or canine—is one and the same. This realization softens our overly defended hearts. Knowing we all carry hurt makes it hard to be cruel to anyone—it makes us one.

“Love is the source and goal, faith is the slow process of getting there, and hope is the willingness to move forward without resolution and closure.”


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