Center for Action and Contemplation

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Founded in 1987

Richard Rohr founded the Center for Action and Contemplation because he saw a deep need for the integration of both action and contemplation.

The Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Nourish your Soul with Kindness

Acts of kindness nourish both giver and receiver. We celebrate World Kindness Day by featuring Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond, a book that reminds us that our true nature rests in endless compassion.

What’s New

Explore the Cosmic Egg in the New Issue of ONEING

Discover a universal and inclusive framework for liberation from the stories that confine us in the new issue of ONEING, the biannual journal of the Center for Action and Contemplation. Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault, and others invite us to explore new relationships with the stories that shape us, our neighbors, and the world.


“There is a deep relationship between the inner revolution of prayer and the transformation of social structures and social consciousness. Our hope lies in the fact that meditation is going to change the society that we live in, just as it has changed us.”


Coming Up

Daily Reflections for Advent

Welcome the Christmas season with this beautiful collection of daily reflections for each day of Advent, including scriptural references and reflections from Fr. Richard Rohr. *Orders placed after November 7th may arrive later in the Advent season.


“It is being together in our wholeness, with the entire body of Christ, that makes it somehow easier to believe that we are beautiful.”



The Legacy and Impact of the CONSPIRE Conference Series

When the CONSPIRE conference series began in 2013, the finale seemed cast beyond the visible horizon. Yet conference by conference, CONSPIRE found its feet and together we walked the trails of the Alternative Orthodoxy towards that horizon. It was not a linear path. We could not always tell by sight or sound our exact

Sketch Drawing of the Bell Tower at the Visitor Center at the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM

See you soon

Our Visitor Center is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Who We Are

The Center for Action and Contemplation is an educational nonprofit that introduces spiritual seekers to the contemplative Christian path of transformation.

Our Teachers

The Center for Action and Contemplation works closely with our expanding faculty who serve as elders, teachers, and spiritual leaders to continue serving and building on Richard Rohr’s founding vision for many years to come.

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