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Discover what it takes to embody
contemplative wisdom in our daily lives
with this brand new podcast series from the
Center for Action and Contemplation

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A Coaching Session on The Way of a Pilgrim

A Coaching Session on The Way of a Pilgrim

In this special episode, Jim and Kirsten review the season and offer a way for us to turn to the Jesus Prayer and the Way of a Pilgrim for guidance on our own spiritual…

Daily Meditations

The Mystery of Asking 

The Mystery of Asking 

Humbly asked [God] to remove our shortcomings.  —Step 7 of the Twelve Steps  This week’s meditations continue to explore the wisdom of the Gospels and the…


Registration is still open! Immortal Diamond E-Course

Join us for Immortal Diamond, a 10-week online course designed to help you discover your True Self hidden under the trappings of ego, featuring Richard Rohr.  

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Breathing Under Water with Richard Rohr

Learn to recognize, understand, and release compulsive habits in your life in this online course with Richard Rohr, based on the wisdom of the 12 Steps. Registration is now open! 

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“There is a deep relationship between the inner revolution of prayer and the transformation of social structures and social consciousness. Our hope lies in the fact that meditation is going to change the society that we live in, just as it has changed us.”


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what’s new

Richard Rohr on Embracing Transformation

In this video from Richard Rohr, viewers are invited to reframe their understanding of Biblical fire — moving away from a punitive definition for fire and embracing a refiner’s fire. 

“Contemplation embodies compassion. The more we are transformed in compassion, the more we act with compassion toward others.”



Your Guide to Navigating Deconstruction & Disorder 

Like Jonah in the belly of the whale, many of us feel uncomfortable with our faith at times. When the religious teachings of our early life no longer align with our current worldview, we may enter a time of religious deconstruction. For some, deconstructing their faith can feel inspiring. For others, especially

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