Program Details

The Living School for Action and Contemplation is a two-year academic program of the Center for Action and Contemplation. At its core, the School is strongly guided by the Franciscan heritage and spiritual lineage that have influenced Fr. Richard Rohr and the themes he has developed throughout his life.

In keeping with the Franciscan Alternative Orthodoxy, the Living School program emphasizes an embodied lifestyle made up of practices that deepen a more conscious union with Divine Reality. We believe that lived practices are much more important for awakening to this union than verbal or intellectual beliefs alone. Through both varied teachings and practices, the Living School creates opportunities for students to experience moments of awakening that bring about profound changes to the self. These changes allow each of us to live in more conscious union with all that is and to express that union actively through works of engagement and compassion which are so needed in our world.

Foundations of the Living School

In addition to the influence of the Franciscan Alternative Orthodoxy and the Perennial Tradition, the lineage and themes of the Living School are foundational for understanding the curriculum. Click here to learn more about the lineage and themes.

Living School Curriculum

Our deepest desire is to create opportunities for students to experience moments of awakening that bring about profound changes to the self.

Because moments of awakening are gifts that we receive rather than achieve on our own, we ask our students to bring a true openness of mind and heart to the program. We ask for a persistent willingness to allow your attention to be drawn to things you might ordinarily dismiss, and to let go of anything that may get in the way of finding and acting out of your True Self. Learn more about the Course Units and Educational Disciplines within the program.

Living School Structure

The design of the Living School blends at-home study with on-site intensive sessions; many of the educational disciplines will be practiced in both settings. Learn more about the Living School structure and participation.


If selected as a student, you are expected to meet the following criteria to successfully complete the Living School program:

  • Attend all symposia and one intensive;
  • Complete all assigned units, including readings, journal entries, and participation in the discussion board;
  • Be actively engaged within the Living School community via your circle group, peer group, and online discussion forums;
  • Make a one-year commitment to a rhythm of life that includes: contemplative study, contemplative community, contemplative prayer, and contemplative compassionate action;
  • Complete an Integration Project within the timeline set by the Living School program.


The Living School is not affiliated with any church or institution of higher education. Learn more about Accreditation.

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