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Application Process

The Living School application is intended to lead you through a process of self-exploration and to clarify the requirements of participation in the program. The entire application process takes place online and could take several hours to complete.

The application includes the following components: assessing your current situation and spiritual journey, general and background information, and understanding of the program. Some questions require short essay responses in 125-250 words or fewer; a personal narrative is requested in 500 words or fewer.

You will be asked to identify two individuals who can provide recommendations regarding your readiness for the program. Each person will be invited via email to complete an online recommendation form for you. You will also be asked to provide the name of a program witness (accountability agent), someone who, pending your admission to the Living School, is willing and able to be an active presence to your work and studies during the program.

Many who have completed the application process have found it to be a helpful tool in discerning the next steps in their life’s journey, regardless of acceptance into the Living School. One applicant shared, “Many of [the] questions challenged me to reflect deeply upon key life experiences and led me to an understanding of how those experiences helped form my spiritual character and inclinations.”

Admissions Timeline 

Admissions Timeline for the Living School
Application available July 15
Last date to order application September 23
Deadline to submit application September 30
Students receive notice of application status February 15
Last date for accepted students to confirm enrollment February 28

As noted in the timeline above, individuals may apply during a two-and-a-half-month window, around July through September, every year. Accepted students begin the Living School program the following year with an online orientation in spring and the first Symposium in late July.

Application Packet

There is a $50 (USD) non-refundable fee to access the application for the Living School.

The application includes the complimentary downloadable items listed below to help you in your discernment process and completion of the application. All items are authored or taught by Fr. Richard Rohr.

  • The Foundational Lineage and Themes of the Living School, audio recording (MP3; not sold separately in CAC’s store)
  • Beginner’s Mind, audio recording (MP3)
  • Unitive Consciousness: Beyond Gender, set of short essays (PDF)
  • Exploring and Experiencing The Naked Now, audio recording (MP3)
  • Returning to Essentials: Teaching an Alternative Orthodoxy with James Finley and Cynthia Bourgeault, audio recording (MP3)

(Total value: $65.00)

Applications for the 2023 cohort are now closed. Applications for the 2024 cohort which will begin study in 2022 will open in July of next year.

Click here to view videos about the application process.

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