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After reviewing all of the features of the Living School webpages, an individual may sense a deep desire and calling to apply for the Living School. The admission process deliberately asks for a high level of discernment from prospective students.

Before you apply…

Individuals interested in applying for the Living School for Action and Contemplation should carefully read the following before entering the formal application process:

Discernment Steps Before Applying
Tuition and Fees
Estimated Time and Travel Costs for the 2 year Living School Program

Applying to the Living School

Applications are currently closed, but will reopen in 2022.

Other Opportunities to Learn

We also invite you to consider engaging in other educational offerings at the CAC. Online courses are media-rich learning opportunities based on Richard Rohr’s teachings and his spiritual lineage. Online courses are shorter in duration (six to ten weeks), self-paced, and entirely online. The exclusive content of our online courses provides learners a chance to continue their spiritual journey with others from around the globe, while seeking to be agents of positive change in the world. The CAC offers a growing catalog of courses throughout the year (no application necessary). Visit the “About CAC” page to learn of additional educational offerings.

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