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Listen to CAC Faculty Featured on Podcasts

Conversations about contemplation and mysticism heard on your favorite podcasts
Listen to CAC Faculty Featured on Podcasts

Here at CAC, we’ve witnessed the transformative power that conversations can have first-hand through the production of our podcasts. We’re also honored to see our faculty share their work and messages on other acclaimed podcasts and interviews, from Brene Brown to The Marcus J. Borg Foundation. 

In this article, we’ve gathered some of our favorite recent podcast interviews featuring CAC’s Faculty. Vulnerable conversations were held, exploring questions like: 

  • Is the Bible racist? 
  • What does Jesus say about homosexuality? 
  • How should we handle sexism in the Bible? 
  • For those deconstructing Christianity, how do they make sense of church hurt and spiritual abuse? 

If you’re ready to explore these questions, check these episodes out. 

Podcasts Featuring Richard Rohr 

CAC Founder, Fr. Richard Rohr, is a gifted speaker and thoughtful listener. In podcast interviews, he holds space for difficult conversations, while also interweaving in themes from his New York Times bestselling books. 

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown April 2022, Part 1 

In this conversation, Fr. Richard shares his thoughts on what it means to be humbled by the mysteries of faith, how we often misinterpret God as a dictator, and how we’re ill-equipped to grasp the infinite nature of God. Spotify, 32 min 

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown April 2022, Part 2 

This episode explores hard questions about certainty and the ego, a cosmic God who’s bigger than what Christianity often espouses, and the spiritual yearning of today’s up-and-coming generations. Spotify, 26 min 

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown December 2022, Part 1 

This podcast dives into themes from Richard Rohr’s book, “Breathing Under Water” — including a deep conversation between Richard and Brene about spirituality and the Twelve Steps. Spotify, 41 min 

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown December 2022, Part 2 

In Richard’s final conversation on “Unlocking Us,” the discussion invites us to face our shadows and equips us to navigate the second half of life. Spotify, 25 min 

Art of Manliness 

In this vulnerable episode, Brett McKay and Richard Rohr talk about what prevents men from maturing into the second half of life, including how to overcome “father wounds.” Website, 58 min 

Notre Dame’s Inspiring Conversations 

Notre Dame’s Inspiring Conversations series welcomed Fr. Richard Rohr to campus to present on the topic: “Christianity and the Re-Emergence of the Non-Dual Mind.” YouTube, 32 min 

Sounds of Sand 

Sounds of SAND is a podcast from Science and Nonduality. This recording was taped at their SAND Conference; Richard’s presentation is entitled “Christianity and Unknowing.” YouTube, 1 hr, 12 min 

Podcasts Featuring Brian McLaren  

CAC Dean of Core Faculty, Brian McLaren, is invited frequently onto podcasts to discuss his books like “Do I Stay Christian?” and “Faith After Doubt.”He also weighs in on pressing issues like deconstruction and climate change. 

The Collective Table 

In this video, The Collective Table reviews their book club selection of “Do I Stay Christian?” and invites Brian on for a virtual Q&A. YouTube, 1 hr, 2min 

The Deconstructionists Podcast  

In this re-released episode of The Deconstructionists, Brian explores themes from his book “The Great Spiritual Migration.” YouTube, 1 hr, 39 min 


Brian McLaren joins Evangelicalish’s hosts to discuss his book “Do I Stay Christian?” — an exploration of how to become a new kind of Christian. Spotify, 1 hr, 10 min 

Faith For Normal People 

In this episode, hosts Pete and Jared sit down with Brian to discuss stages of faith, the prevalence of doubt, and what paths to faith after doubt might look like. Spotify, 1 hr 

The Free Radical Podcast 

Swami Padmanabha and Brian McClaren offer insights from their own religious upbringings as they seek to answer the question: “What keeps religious traditions alive?” YouTube, 1 hr, 30 min 

Homebrewed Christianity 

In this replay of a live Q&A on “Homebrewed Christianity,” hosted by Dr. Tripp Fuller, Brian dives in to answer viewer questions. YouTube, 1 hr, 26 min 

Is Christianity Worth Saving? 

Brian McLaren, Dr. Derek McNeil, and Jim Henderson discuss the upcoming event Is Christianity Worth Saving, hosted by Off the Map, The Seattle School, and St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral. YouTube, 17 min 

In Good Faith 

Listen in as Brian McLaren discusses four stages of belief and the relationship between faith and doubt. YouTube, 32 min 

The Marcus J Borg Foundation  

This Second Saturday Conversation explores Brian’s book “Do I Stay Christian?” in a dialogue facilitated by Rev. Marianne W. Borg. YouTube, 1 hr, 33 min 

Wild Goose Festival  

This panel at the Wild Goose Festival, entitled “Spirit Led Climate Activism,” is moderated by Melanie Lynn Griffin and features expertise from Bill McKibben and Brian McLaren. YouTube, 43 min 

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Barbara Holmes 

Dr. Barbara Holmes is a masterful communicator and deep theological thinker. In these podcasts, she covers themes from her book “Crisis Contemplation,” as well as offers wisdom from her life’s spiritual studies. 

Bartimaeus Kinsler Institute  

Dr. Barbara Holmes formerly served as the Dean of the Memphis Theological Seminary (MTS), where she connected with Ched Myers and Elaine Enns; visiting professors at MTS. Old friends reunite in this thoughtful interview. YouTube, 23 min 


Dr. Barbara Holmes was a keynote speaker at SDI’s 2021 Renaissance Virtual Conference. This video offers a glimpse into her message at that event. YouTube, 2 min 

On The Way 

In this podcast, Dr. Barbara Holmes invites listeners to be contemplative in crisis, exploring themes from her book “Crisis Contemplation.” Website, 52 minutes 

Podcasts Featuring James Finley 

After the release of his newest book, “The Healing Path,” former Trappist monk and clinical psychologist James Finley spoke about the spiritual nourishment needed for the healing journey.  


Paul Swanson hosts James Finley in a discussion about anguish, Thomas Merton, the richness of marriage, and so much more. Spotify, 1h, 28 min 

Henri Nouwen, Now and Then 

James Finley’s friendship with the late theologian, Henri Nouwen, is covered in this thoughtful conversation. Spotify, 45 minutes 

Sounds True 

James Finley invites us to embrace our brokenness and take on an attitude of nonjudgmental compassion. Explore meditation further. Website, 56 minutes 

What I Want To Know with Ryan Kohls 

Nothing is off limits in this episode from Ryan Kohls — the discussion covers the topics of mysticism, psychedelic drugs, transgenderism, Thomas Merton, Richard Rohr, and more. YouTube, 1hr, 28 min 

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes  

Calibrate your heart toward shealing and discover how to sow new seeds of contemplation in your life, with a dash of comedy. Spotify, 1 hr, 45 min 

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