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News From New Mexico

Category: We Conspire

We Are More Than Separate Observers

September 28th, 2022
It is a hard truth that most of our human experience is spent in a state of perpetual fragmentation and separateness. It seems our built-in survival mechanism is to split reality and create dualistic categories for safety and control. Our lived experience is a private island, convinced that we ourselves are

Seeking Divine Friendship in the Other

September 28th, 2022
“I like your good vibrations,” she said confidently. And by she, I mean Victoria, a well-known santera from our town. A santera is a woman who practices Santeria, “a pantheistic Afro-Cuban religion developed from the beliefs and customs of the Yoruba people and incorporating some elements of the Catholic

Uncover Your True Identity in This Month’s We Conspire Articles 

August 25th, 2022
This month our We Conspire articles explore ways to reconnect to our God-given identity through stories and wisdom from the Christian contemplative movement. The end of this email includes a specially curated practice that invites us to apply this knowledge to our daily lives. What Does It Mean to Die Before We

Uncover Your God-Given Calling

August 25th, 2022
How do you know your purpose in the world? Have you always known? Or are you on a continuous path of discovery? Trusting the mystery allows us to follow our God-given calling, even if we don’t fully see the path ahead. It is hard to trust the flow if we remain stuck in my story or our story, never expanding into

Your God-Given Identity is Love

If someone told you that holiness is actually your first nature, would you believe them? What would it take for you to accept that you are inherently holy and always loved? On our podcast Love Period, Dr. Rev. Jacqui Lewis interviewed Christian activist Lisa Sharon Harper, who reconnected with her God-given

What Does It Mean to Die Before We Die?

August 25th, 2022
What one thing has been the hardest for you to let go? Try not to answer right away but sit with the question in contemplative prayer. Let the question sink into you, resonating in your heart and your bones, going beyond the ego, and finding the answer in your True Self. Contemplative practice can be five or

New We Conspire articles now available!

July 27th, 2022
This month, our We Conspire articles explore the impact of empire’s co-opting of Christianity through stories and wisdom from the Christian contemplative movement. The end of this email includes a specially curated practice that invites us to apply this knowledge to our daily lives. The Roots of Christianity

Bringing Our Focus Back to Love

July 27th, 2022
How do we live the Gospel message in a world that often seems to not only accept, but even prefer violence, social injustice, poverty, and many other systems of oppression? While mainstream Christianity often equates evil with individual “sins,” the Alternative Orthodoxy brings our focus back to evil’s

Walking Humbly with God for Justice

July 27th, 2022
How do you practice your faith? What are the actions that take you beyond belief and into being? The Alternative Orthodoxy emphasizes orthopraxy over orthodoxy, teaching that love and action (right practice) are more important than speculative truth (right belief). In this article, Michele Dunne, executive director

The Roots of Christianity and Empire

July 27th, 2022
What happens to Christianity when it serves empire over God? What happens to Christians when we see both our religion and our politics as above criticism? Living together inside God’s Great Story means honoring the universal dignity of every thing in creation. Yet, it becomes increasingly harder to be a loving

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