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Center for Action and Contemplation

This Fella in the Straw Hat

November 3rd, 2023
Paul Swanson is on staff at the CAC. He is a jackleg Mennonite and novice in the new monastic Community of the Incarnation. Paul and his wife, Laura, have two feral and beloved children. Learn more about Paul's work kindling the examined life for contemplatives in the world at I discovered a

Finding the Baby

November 3rd, 2023
Betsy Cañas Garmon (Living School Sendee 2023) is an artist, writer, and creativity coach. She hosts workshops and online makers’ circles at the intersection of creativity and spiritual practice and is the creator of the visual journaling course Soul Cartography. The parents of five grown children, Betsy and her

Becoming a Disciple of the Big Picture

November 3rd, 2023
Tia Norman is a teacher and guide specializing in spirituality and practices anchored in the mystical teachings of the Christian contemplative tradition. She leads workshops, retreats, and courses while serving as Pastor of Awakenings, Inc., a contemplative community based in Houston, Texas. She’s interested in

Sacred Giving, Sacred Receiving

November 3rd, 2023
Ben Keesey is the Development & Partnerships Director for the Center for Action and Contemplation and has been working with Fr. Richard and the CAC team since 2016. Prior to joining CAC, Ben was the Executive Director of the international justice organization Invisible Children working in three countries in east

Contemplative Christianity: A New Way of Seeing and Being

August 5th, 2023
Danny Torrance is a Development Manager at CAC and joined the team in 2023. His focus is to help build a relational and values-aligned approach to fundraising and financial sustainability with CAC's donors. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and enjoys a good cup of coffee, long runs along the river, and surfing

A Lesson in Loving-Kindness

August 4th, 2023
Elaine Walsh Carney, Founding Principal of Pathfinder Philanthropy Advisors, has specialized in philanthropy, facilitation, mediation, and negotiation for thirty-two years. Elaine’s passion is developing and supporting a “culture of philanthropy” in the organizations that she serves. Her current volunteer

A Journey of Grace

August 3rd, 2023
Jeri Queenan’s “deep gladness”1 is in working with teams to solve society’s most pressing problems, including serving from 2007–2023 as Partner at Bridgespan, a nonprofit strategic advisor to mission-driven nonprofits and philanthropies advancing justice globally. She is blessed by Charlie Queenan, her

Growing Down: Letting Go and the Path of Descent

August 2nd, 2023
Drew Jackson is a poet, speaker, and public theologian who serves as the Director of Mission Integration for the CAC. He is the author of God Speaks Through Wombs: Poems on God’s Unexpected Coming and Touch the Earth: Poems on The Way. Drew lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Genay, and their twin daughters, Zora and

Confirming What I Already Knew to Be True

July 7th, 2023
Malise O’Banion, a former high school English teacher, has been married for forty-nine years and is the mother of five children and grandmother to eighteen grandchildren. She enjoys walking, reading, and writing; is a constant crocheter; and considers herself an aspiring yogi. Malise and her husband make their home

Transformation and Identity

July 6th, 2023
Larry Baker lives in Carmel, Indiana with his beloved wife Patty and their fourteen-year-old Standard Poodle Deuce. His interests include the CAC, meditation, philanthropy, studying and learning, nature, travel, golf, music, and teaching. But first, and most of all, he is passionate about God. It was 2019, and

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