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The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness The Power of Forgiveness Sunday, August 27, 2017 Among the most powerful of human experiences is to give or to receive forgiveness. I want to share with you a personal story of forgiveness that happened in my family near the time of my mother’s death. She was lingering on the threshold, and for several Read More »

Second Naiveté

Simplicity Second Naiveté Sunday, October 2, 2016 My life journey began as a very conservative pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic, pious and law-abiding, living in quiet Kansas, buffered and bounded by my parents’ stable marriage and many lovely liturgical traditions that sanctified my time and space. I was a very happy child and young man, and Read More »

A Country of Fear and Anger

A Country of Fear and Anger December 20, 2015 Luke 1:39-45 File Size: 8.45 MB Length: 8:20 Download “A Country of Fear and Anger” MP3.

Today is a Time for Mercy

Today is a Time for Mercy (St. Paul Church, Princeton, NJ) December 10, 2015 Download “Today is a Time for Mercy” MP3.

Standing Tall with Dignity

Standing Tall with Dignity November 29, 2015 Luke 21:25-28, 34-36 File Size: 8.65 MB Length: 8:45 Download “Standing Tall with Dignity” MP3. 

The End of Worlds

The End of Worlds November 15, 2015 Mark 13:24-32 File Size: 8.38 MB Length: 8:27 Download “The End of Worlds” MP3.

Who are the Saints?

Who are the Saints? All Saints Day November 1, 2015 Matthew 5:1-10 File Size: 7.30 MB Length: 7:18 Download “Who are the Saints?” MP3.

God cannot resist Weakness

God cannot resist Weakness October 25, 2015 Mark 10:46-52 File Size: 7.42 MB Length: 7:24 Download “God cannot resist Weakness” MP3. 

Feast of St. Francis: A Universal Man

Feast of St. Francis A Universal Man October 4, 2015 Matthew 11:25-30 File Size: 9.20 MB Length: 9:20 Download “Feast of St. Francis: A Universal Man” MP3.

Two different starting points

Two different starting points September 20, 2015 Mark 9:30-37 File Size: 10 MB Length: 10:12 Download “Two different starting points” MP3.

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