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Dwelling in the Eye of the Storm 

Find Moments of Stillness in Crisis in February’s We Conspire series
February 21st, 2024
Dwelling in the Eye of the Storm 

February’s We Conspire articles explore how to enter contemplative stillness amid turbulence, crisis, and everyday noise. Following the wisdom of ancient and contemporary voices, join us in discovering how cultivating discernment in chaos can not only usher us through difficult periods in our lives, but can transform them into moments of growth and opportunity.  

What does it feel like to enter a state of contemplation for the first time? The beloved text The Cloud of Unknowing by Anonymous, has offered generations of contemplative seekers insights for living a more engaged life. Join us in considering some key lessons of The Cloud of Unknowing in February’s We Conspire series. 

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Drawing of a blue rainbow
Photo of Margaret Benefiel of Shalem Institute

Has a crisis or a breakdown in your life created an opportunity for growth? Margaret Benefiel of the Shalem Institute reflects on how the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic offered her organization an opportunity for growth and development. Join us in reflecting on the opportunities of crisis in this month’s We Conspire series. 

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What is your instinctual reaction when the world starts spinning out of control? Pastor and pilot Cameron Timble invites us to loosen our grip in this powerful article from Oneing: Transitions. Join us in finding new ways to manage turbulence in our lives and the world in this moving article from the We Conspire series. 

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