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Uncover Your True Identity in This Month’s We Conspire Articles 

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In August We Conspire explores ways to discover your calling and become an agent of loving action.

August 25th, 2022

This month our We Conspire articles explore ways to reconnect to our God-given identity through stories and wisdom from the Christian contemplative movement. The end of this email includes a specially curated practice that invites us to apply this knowledge to our daily lives. 

What Does It Mean to Die Before We Die?

Contemplation opens space to let go of our illusions and attachments, so we may experience inherent union. 

What has been the hardest thing to let go? Buddhist teacher Frank Ostaseski invites us to discover the freedom of letting go — of “dying before we die” — through the journey of contemplative practice. 

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Your God-Given Identity is Love

Contemplative practice awakens us to our deepest self, grounded in Love.

What would it take for you to accept that you are inherently holy and always loved? Christian activist Lisa Sharon Harper, author of Fortune, shares her experience of discovering her own voice and power. 

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Uncover Your God-Given Calling

The Alternative Orthodoxy invites us to trust that mystery flows toward loving action.  

How do you know your purpose in the world? Trusting mystery allows us to follow our God-given calling, even if we don’t fully see the path ahead. 

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