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Your God-Given Identity is Love

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Contemplative practice awakens us to our deepest self, grounded in Love.

If someone told you that holiness is actually your first nature, would you believe them? What would it take for you to accept that you are inherently holy and always loved? 

On our podcast Love Period, Dr. Rev. Jacqui Lewis interviewed Christian activist Lisa Sharon Harper, who reconnected with her God-given identity as she researched ten generations of her family for the book Fortune. “I became very aware of the places where my past, heritage, intergenerational curses, and brokenness were passed down. And not just intergenerational, but also lies that I believed about myself. I went through a year of identifying the lies and claiming the truths. And then I discovered my voice and my own power and live in it, walk in it, and find out, ‘Wow, oh my God, this is what we’re meant to do. How about that?’” 

Click to listen as Rev. Jacqui Lewis and Lisa Sharon Harper explore ways to purposely find joy in this episode of our podcast Love Period.

Lisa continues exploring the intersection of self and history with Amy Julia Becker on her podcast Love is Stronger Than Fear. When you uncover your God-given identity, you discover a Gospel of love and abundance, and can more fully participate in repairing the hurt, anger, and brokenness that plagues our world today. 

Click to listen as Amy Julia Becker and Lisa Sharon Harper discuss how learning about history and embracing hard truths can bring healing to ourselves and the world. 

The mystics tell us that the discovery of our God-given identity and the discovery of God is the same discovery. It’s through the process of discovery that we encounter our True Self, and in finding our truest self, we find the truth of our identity is Love. 

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