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Uncover Your God-Given Calling

The Alternative Orthodoxy invites us to trust that mystery flows toward loving action.
August 25th, 2022
Uncover Your God-Given Calling

How do you know your purpose in the world? Have you always known? Or are you on a continuous path of discovery? 

Trusting the mystery allows us to follow our God-given calling, even if we don’t fully see the path ahead. It is hard to trust the flow if we remain stuck in my story or our story, never expanding into The Story. Living School sendee Mags Blackie, a researcher in South Africa, learned she had to make a shift to follow God’s call to loving action in the world. 

Watch: Mags Blackie explains how she shifts her frame so that she can offer dignity and respect even for those she disagrees with.

Mainstream Christianity often tells us to look for God out there or up there. The Alternative Orthodoxy invites us to explore a path to God within. When asked how he found his calling to be loving action, Donny Bryant, co-host of our podcast The Cosmic We, says, “The beyond that I was seeking is actually within.” 

Watch: Donny Bryant, co-host of The Cosmic We, shares how he practices contemplation with his whole community.

The Alternative Orthodoxy, the foundation of the curriculum in CAC’s Living School, believes that life is more important than doctrine. Mags and Donny are two of many everyday mystics who live out their God-given calling of loving action. 

Reflect With Us

Who inspires you to approach the world through loving action? How do you apply their wisdom in your life? Share your reflection with us. Share your reflection with us. 

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