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Entering Poetic Stillness in December’s We Conspire series

Nourishing the Soul with Poetry 
December 20th, 2023
Entering Poetic Stillness in December’s We Conspire series

“Poetry gives you resonance more than logical proof, and resonance is much more healing and integrating. It resounds inside of you. It evokes and calls forth a deeper self.” –Richard Rohr 

Have you ever experienced contemplative stillness by reading poetry? In December’s We Conspire series, we explore poetry as a tool to help us enter into the stillness.   

CAC founder Richard Rohr explains, “I believe poetry can help us connect with our True Self, uninhibited by ego’s needs for certitude and security. A good poem can open us to experience Reality and let it shatter the walls that protect our falsity.” 

In this series, we’re revisiting a selection of poems featured in “ONEING,” CAC’s biannual journal. As we move through this time of preparing, gathering, and acquiring, join us in taking a moment for quiet reflection on the events of the past year, and what may lie ahead. 

What if we took a moment to listen to the voice of Kadijah, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad? Author Avideh Sashaani invites us to embrace love beyond all boundaries in this evocative poem, “O’ Beloved!,” inspired by Sufi mysticism. Originally published in “Oneing: Unveiled.” 

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Avideh sitting in front of a window, resting on her elbow and smiling kindly
Felicia resting her thumb on her chin, smiling radiantly

How do we find courage and trust during times of transition and turbulence? CAC Living School sendee Felicia Murrell invites us to hold transitional moments in our minds and hearts in this moving poem,“Liminality and Certitude,” originally published in “ONEING: Transitions.”

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How do we continue to learn from each season of our lives? Poet Kaitlin Curtice offers us wisdom for healing our relationships with reality, our Creator, and ourselves in this emotional untitled poem, originally published in “Oneing: Falling Upward.

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Kaitlin looks directly at the camera with a slight smile

We Conspire is a series from the Center for Action and Contemplation featuring wisdom and stories from the growing Christian contemplative movement. Sign up for the monthly email series and receive a free invitation to practice each month. 

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