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Encouraging Words in Times of Fear

Trusting uncertainty in this luminous poem from Felicia Murrell in December’s We Conspire series from the Center for Action and Contemplation
December 20th, 2023
Encouraging Words in Times of Fear

How do we find courage and trust during times of transition and turbulence? Living school sendee Felicia Murrell invites us to hold transitional moments in our minds and hearts in this moving poem, “Liminality and Certitude,”  originally published in “ONEING: Transitions.


Liminality and certitude are always 

at odds with one another.


Anxiety thrums through the body, unmooring—  


Relax your shoulders, unfurl your hands.  

Try a deep cleansing breath.


Give yourself to the earth.  

Let Mother gift herself to you.  

Let your feet hit the soil,  

remember the patterns of growth,  

the cycles of life.


Things bury deep. Things grow in the dark.  

Things rise again.  

All things transition.


In the radiance of dark, there is process:  

the unfolding of mystery,  

things words cannot articulate, 

a threshold to freedom the mind cannot comprehend.  

But the body feels,

the heart knows:

This is liminality.


The threshold of transition,

from death to life, from evening to morn,  

from gestation to giving birth.  

The unknown is a part of it all.


—Felicia Murrell 

Reflect with Us 

What words in the poem resonate with you most? In reading the poem a second time, do other words move you? Share your reflection with us. 

Felicia Murrell, a 2022 sendee of the Center for Action and Contemplation’s Living School, is a certified master life coach and spiritual companion. A former ordained pastor, Felicia is the author of “Truth Encounters.” The parents of four adult children, she and her husband Doug currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona.  

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