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The Continual Incarnation

On this Christmas day, all of us at the Center for Action and Contemplation pray you may know the deep love of God that surpasses understanding. The story of Jesus’ birth reveals what is too simple and profound for us to comprehend: God is with us, even in our pain. In this 8-minute video, I explore the revolutionary message of God-All-Vulnerable.

Love Summary for the Year: Week 2

The Continual Incarnation
Sunday, December 25, 2016
(Christmas, Feast of the Incarnation)

The full and participatory meaning of Christmas is that this one universal mystery of Divine Incarnation is also intended for us and continuing in us! It is not just about trusting the truth of the body of Jesus, but trusting its extension through the ongoing Body of Christ—which is even a bigger act of faith, hope, and charity and which alone has the power to change history, society, and all relationships. To only hold a mental belief in Jesus as the “Child of God” has little or no effect in the real world; it has largely remained something to argue about.

That is so much to comprehend or even imagine, and you have so much to enjoy and experience on this day, let’s just stop at that!

Gateway to Silence:
Be the change you wish to see in the world. —Gandhi

Image credit: Doves and Pear Blossoms after Rain (detail) 1266-1300, Qian Xuan (1235-1305), Cincinnati Art Museum.
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