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Daily Meditations

Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations offer brief reflections on contemplative spirituality. Fr. Richard draws from his Franciscan heritage, Christian scriptures and mystics, and non-dual teachers from every wisdom tradition who point to our inherent union with and longing for God.

Fr. Richard’s meditations in 2016 explore the theme of Love:

  • Love is the foundation of everything. God is Love. —1 John 4:8
  • We love God by loving others. Love one another as I have loved you. —John 13:34
  • We love God by loving our self. We love because God first loved us. —1 John 4:19
  • Love everything. In the end, God will be all in all. —1 Corinthians 15:28

Throughout the year, Fr. Richard’s meditations will follow the thread of Love through many of his classic teachings, including Grace, Scripture, the Trinity, Twelve Step Spirituality, True Self/False Self, and the Cosmic Christ. Fr. Richard will devote a full week or two to each topic.

In this short video, Fr. Richard introduces the Love that goes far beyond infatuation and invites our full participation and surrender. In his words, “God is an event of communion. God is relationality itself. Love is a dynamic, a process.” Love is an infinite, inclusive flow of giving and receiving.

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Learn more:

– 2015 Meditations: Read Father Richard’s introduction to the 2015 Daily Meditation theme, his “Wisdom Lineage,” and explore the online archive—see the right sidebar for individual months or search for a key word. Note that we are gradually adding to this archive as we are able.

– 2013 Meditations: The landmark meditations from 2013 are available in book form, a keepsake volume exploring Richard Rohr’s seven core teaching themes. Order Yes, And… at

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