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Tag Archives: crucifixion

The Mystery of the Cross

The Cross The Mystery of the Cross Sunday, April 23, 2017 It is a wisdom that none of the masters of this age have ever known, or they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. —1 Corinthians 2:8 Jesus’ life, death, and raising up is the whole pattern revealed, named, summed up, and assured… Continue Reading The Mystery of the Cross

Imaginal Resolution

The Law of Three in Action Imaginal Resolution Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Guest writer and CAC teacher Cynthia Bourgeault continues exploring the Law of Three in action. A new arising is not always the same thing as a solution. “But wait a minute!” you might be saying. Didn’t I list as our leading Law of… Continue Reading Imaginal Resolution

The Cross

Everything Belongs: Week 2 The Cross Friday, December 9, 2016 The cross is a perfect metaphor for what we mean by “Everything Belongs.” The rational, calculating mind can never fully understand the mystery of the cross. These insights can only be discovered through contemplative seeing: God is to be found in all things, even and… Continue Reading The Cross

The Crucified Jesus

Path of Descent The Crucified Jesus Friday, October 21, 2016 They will look upon him whom they have pierced. —John 19:37 Those who “gaze upon” the Crucified long enough—with contemplative eyes—are always deeply healed of pain, unforgiveness, violence, and victimhood. It demands no theological education, just an “inner exchange” by receiving the image within and… Continue Reading The Crucified Jesus

Ending the Cycle of Violence

Nonviolence Ending the Cycle of Violence Friday, October 14, 2016 Picture yourself before the crucified Jesus; recognize that he became what you fear: nakedness, exposure, vulnerability, and failure. He became sin to free you from sin. (See 2 Corinthians 5:21.) He became what we do to one another in order to free us from the… Continue Reading Ending the Cycle of Violence

A Nonviolent Atonement (At-One-Ment)

Nonviolence A Nonviolent Atonement (At-One-Ment) Wednesday, October 12, 2016 In the thirteenth century, the Franciscans and the Dominicans were the Catholic Church’s debating society, as it were. We invariably took opposing positions in the great debates in the universities of Paris, Cologne, Bologna, and Oxford. Both opinions usually passed the tests of orthodoxy, although one… Continue Reading A Nonviolent Atonement (At-One-Ment)

Solidarity with Pain

Spirituality of Letting Go: Week 2 Solidarity with Pain Monday, September 5, 2016 Both Francis and Clare of Assisi lost and let go of all fear of suffering; all need for power, prestige, and possessions; any need for their small self to be important; and they came out the other side knowing something essential—who they… Continue Reading Solidarity with Pain

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