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Why do We All Bother?

We have just accepted our fifth cohort of Living School students to begin the program in 2017. Each time we have to turn away at least three for every one we can accept. This is so hard and so sad. Time and space and staff only allow us to accept approximately 165 applicants each year,… Continue Reading Why do We All Bother?

A Nonviolent Atonement (At-One-Ment)

Nonviolence A Nonviolent Atonement (At-One-Ment) Wednesday, October 12, 2016 In the thirteenth century, the Franciscans and the Dominicans were the Catholic Church’s debating society, as it were. We invariably took opposing positions in the great debates in the universities of Paris, Cologne, Bologna, and Oxford. Both opinions usually passed the tests of orthodoxy, although one… Continue Reading A Nonviolent Atonement (At-One-Ment)

Cosmos Instead of Churchiness

Alternative Orthodoxy: Week 2 Cosmos Instead of Churchiness Sunday, February 14, 2016 Once you are in an authority position in any institution, your job is to preserve that institution, and your freedom to live and speak the full truth becomes limited. Francis taught us to live on the edge of the church, rather than managing… Continue Reading Cosmos Instead of Churchiness

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