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Gender and Sexuality: Week 1 Summary

Gender and Sexuality: Week 1 Summary: Sunday, April 15-Friday, April 20, 2018 We are clearly not very at home in our bodies, yet Jesus came to show us that we can and must trust our human, and thus body-based, experience. The material world is the privileged place for the divine encounter. (Sunday) The word sex… Continue Reading Gender and Sexuality: Week 1 Summary

Human Bodies: Week 2 Summary

Human Bodies: Week 2 Summary: Sunday, April 8-Friday, April 13, 2018 For Jesus, there is no animosity between body and soul. In fact, this is the heart of Jesus’ healing message and of incarnation itself. (Sunday) If you can’t honor the Divine Indwelling—the presence of the Holy Spirit—within yourself, how could you see it in… Continue Reading Human Bodies: Week 2 Summary

Exploring the Mystics with James Finley: Weekly Summary

Exploring the Mystics with James Finley Summary: Sunday, October 8-Friday, October 13, 2017 This week CAC faculty member and guest writer James Finley introduced us to the Christian mystics Teresa of Ávila and John of the Cross. James is attuned to the pedagogy of the mystics and invites us to a different kind of reading.… Continue Reading Exploring the Mystics with James Finley: Weekly Summary

Sacred Breathing: All of It Is!

True Self and False Self: Week 1 Sacred Breathing: All of It Is! Friday, August 11, 2017 All people have access to their True Self from their very first inhalation and exhalation, which is the very sound of the sacred. It is the literally unspeakable Jewish name for God, YHWH. It cannot be spoken but… Continue Reading Sacred Breathing: All of It Is!

Meditation: Weekly Summary

Meditation Summary: Sunday, February 19-Friday, February 24, 2017 This week guest writer and CAC teacher James Finley shared insights on meditation (another word for contemplative prayer). In passing from ego consciousness to meditative states of awareness, we are awakened to our inner longings for eternal oneness with God in whom is hidden the very reality… Continue Reading Meditation: Weekly Summary

Contemplation: Weekly Summary

Contemplation Summary: Sunday, February 5-Friday, February 10, 2017 We cannot have a private contemplative practice without engaged community. We must not withdraw to a private, isolated spirituality in which we do our contemplative sit each day and ignore the pain of the world. (Sunday) The capacity for nondual seeing that is developed through contemplation allows… Continue Reading Contemplation: Weekly Summary

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