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True Self and False Self: Week 1 Summary

True Self and False Self: Week 1 Summary: Sunday, August 6-Friday, August 11, 2017 Your soul—your True Self, your deepest identity, your unique blueprint—is who you are in God and who God is in you. (Sunday) Only your True Self lives forever and is truly free in this world. (Monday) Both Jesus and Buddha point Read More »

Path of Descent: Weekly Summary

Path of Descent Summary: Sunday, July 30-Friday, August 4, 2017 Jesus is a person and, at the same time, a process. Jesus is the Son of God, but he is also “the Way”—the way of the cross. He’s the goal and the means. (Sunday) Jesus undoes religion by doing the most amazing thing: he finds Read More »

Faith and Belief: Weekly Summary

Faith and Belief Summary: Sunday, July 16-Friday, July 22, 2017 “Could Christians migrate from defining their faith as a system of beliefs to expressing it as a loving way of life?” —Brian McLaren (Sunday) “By defining itself as a settled system of beliefs, Christianity . . . became a leash or a locked door impeding Read More »

Rebuilding on a Contemplative Foundation: Weekly Summary

Rebuilding on a Contemplative Foundation Summary: Sunday, July 9-Friday, July 14, 2017 Contemplation is the most radical form of self-surrender and kenosis (letting go). Self-forgetfulness ironically leads to a firm and fearless sense of responsibility. (Sunday) “To be fully human is to be recreated in the image of Christ’s humanity; and that humanity is the Read More »

Contemplation in Action: Week 1 Summary

Contemplation in Action: Week 1 Summary: Sunday, June 25-Friday, June 30, 2017 I believe that learning to do compassionate acts from a contemplative foundation is the greatest art form. (Sunday) The job of religion is to help people act effectively and compassionately from an inner centeredness and connection with God. (Monday) If your spiritual practice Read More »

Franciscan Spirituality: Week 2 Summary

Franciscan Spirituality: Week 2 Summary: Sunday, June 11-Friday, June 16, 2017 Francis of Assisi was known as a man of deep and abiding joy. He told the friars that it was their vocation “to move people’s hearts and lift them up to spiritual joy.” (Sunday) We can only give away who we are. We can Read More »

Alternative Orthodoxy: Weekly Summary

Alternative Orthodoxy Summary: Sunday, May 28-Friday, June 2, 2017 Franciscans don’t throw out the mainline tradition; we simply place our effort and our energy on overlooked or misunderstood aspects of the tradition. (Sunday) Franciscan alternative orthodoxy quietly but firmly pays attention to different things—like simplicity, humility, non-violence, contemplation, solitude and silence, earth care, nature and Read More »

A Third Way

Alternative Orthodoxy A Third Way Sunday, May 28, 2017 The Franciscan Tradition in which I’ve been formed is an “alternative orthodoxy” or heterodoxy. While we are part of the Roman Catholic faith and embrace the great Christian Tradition, we are not mainstream. Francis (c. 1181-1226) and Clare (1194-1253) of Assisi paid attention to and emphasized Read More »

The Apostle Paul: Weekly Summary

The Apostle Paul Summary: Sunday, May 14-Friday, May 19, 2017 Theologian N. T. Wright concludes that we have largely missed Paul’s major theme, which is the new temple of God is the human person. (Sunday) Paul brings a deep new sense of the inherent dignity of every human person. (Monday) Paul is forever the critic Read More »

Resurrection: Weekly Summary

Resurrection Summary: Sunday, May 7-Friday, May 12, 2017 The Resurrection is not a one-time miracle that proved Jesus was God. Jesus’ death and resurrection name and reveal what is happening everywhere and all the time in God. (Sunday) If we are honest, we acknowledge that we are dying throughout our life, and this is what Read More »

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