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This Unveiling by Drew Jackson

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Uncover the gift of searching in this poem from ONEING: Unveiled

May 20th, 2022

Both the limited-print edition of ONEING: Unveiled and the downloadable PDF version are available now in our online bookstore. 

This is 
the pressing question  
of every age: 

What is it that we cannot see? 

For life is hiddenness,  
as is God, 
and we have been given  
the gift of searching.

The unseen works on us, always.

Waves pulsing through our flesh, unfelt.
Forces pulling at our bodies. Forces
putting black bodies in cells en masse.

Each one underneath a veil of opacity that we call law. 

All that is hidden  
is meant to be  

yet revelation cannot be achieved.  
It comes when it comes, 
when it wants to unearth itself—  
fall from the heavens like light 
to those who have insisted it lay itself bare. 

This unveiling,  
daring us 
to live differently. 

Established in 2013, ONEING is the biannual journal of the Center for Action and Contemplation. Renowned for its diverse and deep exploration of mysticism and culture, ONEING is grounded in Richard Rohr’s teachings and wisdom lineage. Each issue features a themed collection of thoughtfully curated essays and critical perspectives from spiritual teachers, activists, modern mystics, and prophets of all religions.

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