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Participating in a Circle of Connection in May’s We Conspire Series

Embracing our relationship to all creation
May 24th, 2024
Participating in a Circle of Connection in May’s We Conspire Series

What or who reminds you that we are all connected? In this month’s We Conspire series, we reflect on moments of sacred connection with each other and the natural world. 

Today, we have many ways of understanding how the world’s societies and ecologies interact with each other. Yet, as we move towards a world that is built on more holistic and loving relationships, Fr. Richard offers us a core message to bring with us on the journey: “God is One. Each one of us is a reflecting mirror of that wholeness and so is everything else.” 

In May’s We Conspire, join us in exploring reflections and stories about experiencing moments of connection which are the foundation of a deep relationship with all creation. 

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How do we remind ourselves that we are interconnected to everyone and everything? This month, we reflect on the wisdom of Saint Bonaventure, a Franciscan statesman and mystic who dedicated his life to strengthening our human role in the story of all of creation.  

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Do you ever ask yourself—what is it that we cannot see? Poet and CAC Staff Member, Drew Jackson asks us to embrace the webs of unseen connection that underlie our daily reality in this beautiful poem, “This Unveiling,” featured in “ONEING: Unveiling.” 

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Where do we find hope when we are facing the immense challenge of climate change? Anna Johnson, North America Senior Program Manager of Laudato Si’ offers words of encouragement for our long and complex struggle to heal each other and our earth. 

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