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Nurturing Contemplative Communities in January’s We Conspire series

Inviting Wisdom from our Past into the Future in January’s We Conspire Series
January 30th, 2024
Nurturing Contemplative Communities in January’s We Conspire series

Are you a part of a contemplative community? Whether you gather with fellow contemplatives or are simply interested in connecting with those walking a similar path, this month’s We Conspire series reflects on contemplative communities, past and present.

As you read, consider reflecting on these questions: What defines a contemplative spiritual community? How should members of the community feel when they gather? What are some guidelines for engagement in such a community?

Join us in exploring more about the origins and future of communities in our growing contemplative movement in January’s We Conspire series.

What if you embraced faith as a lifestyle rather than a belief system? In this month’s We Conspire series, we reflect on the legacy of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, early Christian monastic communities that formed in the 3rd century CE.

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How do we continue to walk toward St. Francis’ vision of community? Elizabeth Garlow reflects how small steps towards transformation can positively affect our communities, inviting us all to think differently about how we engage with our fellow humans, economies, and the natural world.

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What does it look like to grow and nurture a contemplative community today? Pastor Tia Norman shares three guidelines that have served her while expanding her contemplative community, Awakenings, in Houston, Texas.

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