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Living in Service and Love in June’s We Conspire series

Finding Divine Connection in Serving Others
June 24th, 2024
Living in Service and Love in June’s We Conspire series

“Spiritual power is more circular or spiral, and not so much hierarchical. It is shared and shareable. God’s Spirit is planted within each of us and operating as each of us (see Romans 5:5).” — Richard Rohr 

What if acts of service connected us more deeply to the Divine? Whether you dedicate your life to the service of others, or whether you simply strive to meet the world with greater sense of love and patience, we are exploring acts of service in this month’s We Conspire series.  

What would it look like to completely dedicate our lives in service of Divine Love? The medieval women of the Beguine order created a community built on simplicity, community, and service. What can their example offer us today? 

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A drawing of a red moon.
Black and white photo of Jon Hokoma smiling at the camera

Jon Hokama, Teaching Assistant for CAC’s online course, Interior Castle, shares a mystical experience of visiting the shrine of St. Teresa of Ávila—and his feeling of responsibility towards his fellow students of contemplation as he guides their path towards deeper union with the Divine.   

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On this moving episode of Love Period podcast with Rev. Jacqui Lewis, we explore a beautiful example of a life lived in deeply spiritual service with McArthur Genius fellow and real-estate developer, Majora Carter.  

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