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James Finley on Tending the Inner Fire 

Discover Wisdom to Support Radical Resilience
April 1st, 2024
James Finley on Tending the Inner Fire 

Our 2024 Daily Meditation theme is “Radical Resilience.” For the next three months, from April to June 2024, we will do a deeper exploration of tending the fire within. How does our inner flame help us strengthen our resilience? 

Radical resilience is the ability to face hardship with greater love and deeper awareness. We believe that contemplation, the practice of being fully present, is one way to grow more resilient — teaching us how to sustain inner strength, purpose, and connectedness.   

In that spirit, we invite you to watch this 9-minute video by James Finley in which he invites us into the interior dimensions of the mystery of our own presence. James explains that in order to tend our inner fire, “we have to create a contemplative culture in our heart.”   

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You may find yourself asking: “How can I learn to not get so caught up in the complexities of the day-by-day?” James explores nuanced answers to this question, which he describes as a “grace dilemma.”  

Join us in this deeper exploration of tending your inner fire.  

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