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Your Guide to Spiritual Healing from Trauma & Church Hurt 

Learn How Contemplation Can Support Processing Trauma, Abuse, and Suffering Caused by Religious Experiences or Institutions.
June 14th, 2024
Your Guide to Spiritual Healing from Trauma & Church Hurt 

When we are hurt by the people and places who represent God in our lives, we can get what Penobscot Nation activist Sherri Mitchell calls a “soul wound.” We lose trust in others, ourselves, and our ability to be loved when we experience spiritual abuse from toxic religion. Many of these hurt people begin faith deconstruction or even step away from spirituality altogether. The Christian contemplative traditions offer us a way to heal, find hope, and experience God’s solidarity with our suffering. 

Have you ever felt shunned or isolated from your faith community? Are you at a crossroads and want to transform your pain, instead of projecting it on others? These free contemplative resources offer spiritual support for your healing journey: 

Learn About the CAC: An Educational Nonprofit for Contemplative Christianity 

The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) is an educational nonprofit sharing Christian contemplative wisdom and practices that support transformation and inspire loving action.  

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Discover Contemplative Resources for Overcoming Spiritual Abuse 

How can we learn to trust again? From people shunned by a church that believes homosexuality is a sin, to those physically and mentally hurt by faith leaders, a regular contemplative practice helps transform our pain — rather than transmit it — so that we become wounded healers. 

Explore Contemplative Teachings for Self-Love and Acceptance

How do we learn to accept that God loves us just as we are, when many of us feel broken? Commitment to a daily contemplative practice helps us see ourselves through God’s eyes and accept our inherent belovedness. 

Transform Your Pain with Contemplative Wisdom on Forgiveness 

How do we truly forgive those who have hurt us? Christian contemplative traditions include practices like walking meditation or chanting can help God’s goodness flow through us, looking on our hurts with love. 

Experience Contemplative Practices that Reveal God’s Presence in Suffering

When we feel alone in our pain, it’s tempting to think God has abandoned us. If we give in to the illusion of separation, we can hurt and scapegoat others. Contemplative wisdom and practices help us let go of hurt and realize we are not, and never have been, alone. 

Applying Spiritual Healing Practices in Your Life 

CAC faculty member and clinical psychologist James Finley — who is also a former Trappist monk — says, “Don’t become attached to yourself in moments of utter loss. It’s real—but know that the loss doesn’t have the authority to name who you are.”  

We hope these resources help you heal your wounds, let go of hurt, and find your inner authority — given by God in love. We invite you to share your stories of spiritual healing with us. 

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