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Center for Action and Contemplation

Your Guide to Exploring Spirituality & Sexuality 

Learn How Contemplation Helps Us Understand the Sacredness of Our Bodies and Our Passions.
July 2nd, 2024
Your Guide to Exploring Spirituality & Sexuality 

Christians often associate sexual morality with a religious leader or denomination’s stance and rules about what is holy and pure, who belongs, and who doesn’t. That kind of rigid, dualistic thinking leads us away from the greatest commandment — love of God and love of neighbor.  

Have you ever been told that being gay is wrong, it is a sin to explore your body, or shamed for embracing your sexuality? At the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) we believe that God loves and accepts people on all parts of the continuum of gender identity and expression, including those who are gay, bisexual, heterosexual, transgender, cisgender, queer, sexually active, celibate, and for those where labels don’t apply. We say, “You belong.” 

These free Christian contemplation resources offer support for those exploring the sacredness of sexuality on the spiritual journey: 

Discover Resources for Learning to Love Your Body 

Have you felt ashamed of your body and its desires? Some people turn to faith deconstruction when they have been made to feel shame about their bodies. Enjoying, respecting, loving, and listening to our bodies is another way to honor the Divine. Contemplation invites us to take a long, loving look at our True Self — learning to accept that our bodies are sacred gifts from God. 

Explore Contemplative Resources to Embrace Your Sexuality  

Do you feel that religion gets fixated on social rules that hurt more than help? If the goal of our sexual longing is love, then we are guided toward oneness. Embracing our sexuality helps us engage in healthy faith deconstruction, and embody a passion that merges and transforms us through Divine Love. 

Become More Inclusive and Accepting with Contemplative Wisdom  

We’ve all heard conflicting interpretations of sexuality in the Bible. Is being gay wrong? Can a Christian be gay? Practicing contemplation can encourage us to stretch our comfort zones, become more accepting of those who live differently, and approach the unknown with courage and compassion. 

Practice Contemplation to Let Go of Guilt and Shame  

Purity systems affect more than our relationship to sexuality — they often lead us toward despair or judgment, not toward love and holiness. These systems often lead people to question their religion through faith deconstruction. Through contemplation, we let go of internalized guilt and shame by remembering that God loves us just as we are. 

Applying Spiritual Healing Practices in Your Life 

We hope these resources offer you a sense of belonging — and empower you to help others find acceptance, too. We invite you to share your stories of spirituality and sexuality with us. 

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