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Your Guide to Navigating Deconstruction & Disorder 

The Christian Contemplative Path Can Help Transform Religious Doubt Into Spiritual Depth.
July 8th, 2024
Your Guide to Navigating Deconstruction & Disorder 

Like Jonah in the belly of the whale, many of us feel uncomfortable with our faith at times. When the religious teachings of our early life no longer align with our current worldview, we may enter a time of religious deconstruction.  

For some, deconstructing their faith can feel inspiring. For others, especially those who have been silenced or hurt by the church, deconstructing Christianity can feel lonely and frightening. 

Have you felt ashamed to ask questions about scripture, religious leaders, and dogma that no longer feels in line with a loving God? These contemplative resources offer solace for walking through disorder and deconstruction for authentic spiritual growth: 

Learn About the CAC: An Educational Nonprofit for Contemplative Christianity 

The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) is an educational nonprofit sharing Christian contemplative wisdom and practices that support transformation and inspire loving action.  

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Examine Contemplative Resources on Doubt and Faith Deconstruction

Many people ask, What is deconstruction? Is deconstructing Christianity good or bad? Deconstruction is neither good nor bad — contemplation unveils it as a process of realigning our inner and outer worlds. 

Discover Contemplative Wisdom for Deconstruction and Transformation 

Have you ever felt unfulfilled by your religious practices? The contemplative path sees deconstruction as a part of what CAC’s founder, Franciscan Richard Rohr, calls the pattern of transformation—order, disorder, reorder. Like deconstruction, disorder is a stage where we feel disappointed by what we were originally taught, where our choices have led us, or by the seemingly random tragedies in our lives.  

Explore Contemplative Teachings that Guide Discernment During Deconstruction

What happens when your faith community stops inspiring loving action? When we experience a disruption to our normal way of thinking, we might begin deconstructing our version of Christianity. A daily contemplative practice can help us realign our values and our faith. 

Discover Faith After Deconstruction on the Christian Contemplative Path 

Do you worry if you go through deconstruction, you’ll abandon Christianity altogether? Even 5-10 minutes of regular contemplative practice can guide us in a loving direction as we move through the threshold of change. 

Navigate Your Own Experiences of Deconstruction and Disorder 

Richard Rohr often says, “The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.” In many ways, deconstruction is just that—it’s embracing the elements of your spiritual practice that work and letting go of the ones that don’t. It’s both that simple—and that hard. 

We hope these resources help you discover the version of Christianity you’ve been searching for. We invite you to share your stories of deconstruction and disorder with us. 

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