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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Scripture in April’s We Conspire Articles!

From becoming peacemakers to table-flipping moments, uncover modern interpretations of Scripture in this month’s We Conspire.
April 19th, 2023
Gain a Deeper Understanding of Scripture in April’s We Conspire Articles!

How does scripture guide you in your daily life? This month our We Conspire articles explore how scripture written thousands of years ago can inform a loving faith in our modern world. From facing our own egos to embracing change, these articles invite you to discover new ways scripture can lead us toward a more loving and inclusive faith. 

Love Requires Us to Stand Up to Injustice

Shane Claiborne believes the “red letters” in scripture invite us to stand up to injustice with radical solidarity.

“I am convinced we are at a critical moment in history. We are going to need people who know how to be peacemakers, because that’s what it will take to choose love instead of the fear swirling around us.”

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A photo of Shane Claiborne on a sunny day, wearing glasses and a white t-shirt.
A photo of Carlos Rodriguez smiling and wearing a black t-shirt.

My Flipped Table: A Reflection on Falling Out of Love with Myself

Carlos Rodriguez reflects on how Jesus’ example helped him redirect his path to focus on giving.

“I was living a life that was not even close to what Jesus had invited me to live. Yes, I was prime for a Jesus-table-flipping.”

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Seeing Scripture as an Art and a Dance

Spiritual Director Valerie Dodge-Reyna reflects on her evolving experience with scripture over the years.

I began to learn how to hold the Bible not as an instruction manual, but as a dance — not a destination but a trajectory, not a salvation project but a way to come back home to myself.”

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Photo of Valerie Dodge-Reyna looking at the camera and smiling.

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