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Discover Gratitude Through Radical Hospitality

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Dr. Peter Gathje, founder of the Manna House in Memphis, TN, helps provide food and fellowship through radical hospitality.

The Manna House’s Dr. Peter Gathje found the real message of the Gospel through serving others.

November 23rd, 2022

This month our We Conspire series explores stories and wisdom on cultivating a sense of gratitude, even amid our own feelings of sorrow, pain, fear, and loneliness.  

How does caring for others help deepen gratitude? Dr. Peter Gathje, academic dean at Memphis Theological Seminary, runs the Manna House, a place of hospitality in the Catholic Worker Tradition. In this episode of The Cosmic We podcast, Dr. Gathje shares how he finds God’s presence by shortening “the distance between us and the people who are suffering.”  

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Click to Listen: Dr. Gathje tells podcast hosts Barbara Holmes and Donald Bryant how radical hospitality taught him the true message of the Gospel. 

Reflect With Us

How do you practice radical hospitality? How does serving others lead you deeper into gratitude? Share your reflection with us.  

Dr. Peter Gathje, founder of the Manna House in Memphis, TN, is active in Room in the Inn, a shelter program involving area churches, and a number of peace and justice organizations including Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. He is currently serving as Professor of Christian Ethics and Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean at Memphis Theological Seminary.

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