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Answering the Call in September’s We Conspire series

Discover how acting in service leads to greater accountability, safety, and love in September’s We Conspire series!
September 11th, 2023
Answering the Call in September’s We Conspire series

How do we shift our relationship with social and economic systems to create a more just and loving world? CAC Faculty member Dr. Barbara Holmes reflects, “The systems say that change can’t come, that gravity wins, that religion is of no use except to placate the people, that you’d better put your trust in growth mutual funds. But Jesus says there is another way—the prophetic way—and even now he beckons for us to step out on the Word, to come together as one, and to exercise our gifts. Only then can we make peace with our neighbors, end the gun violence, and stop our addiction to division. Solidarity and compassion is love in action.” 

In September’s We Conspire articles, contributors explore new ways of interacting with social and political systems to create a world in which it is easier to give and receive Love. As you read, we invite you to reflect on how you see yourself contributing to a more loving and inclusive world. How can you take a step towards exercising your gifts in service to others?  

Moving from Awareness to Action

Taking a Stand in Charlottesville in September’s We Conspire series

What does compassionate accountability look like? EJUSA‘s Sam Heath reflects on the impact of his decision to join the anti-racist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 and explores what is required of us to break the gridlock of prideful tribalism in our country. Join Sam in redefining what true justice, accountability, and healing can look like.     

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Gathering in Compassionate Communion

Navigating grief and activism in September’s We Conspire series

What does it mean to live and act in solidarity with those on the margins? Nathan Davis Hunt explores the healing power of contemplative stillness—even in the face of overwhelming grief. Join the call to build a more compassionate and loving world especially for those experiencing homelessness and need. 

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Shifting from Scarcity to Abundance

Overcoming Fear for Generational Healing in September’s We Conspire series

Does your fear of economic scarcity block your compassionate response toward yourself and others? Associate Director of Story and Strategy at Wisdom & Money, Sawyer Tracy explores how transforming our deepest fears—especially of scarcity—can unlock healing for future generations. Explore how the practice of stillness can guide you in acting from a place of freedom and flow.   

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