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Type NINE: The Need for Peace

Enneagram: Week 2 Type NINE: The Need for Peace Friday, May 6, 2016 NINEs once knew that reality was all about love, all connected, operative, and effective. They knew a kind of optimism and motivation that all could be worked out and fixed because God is Love. Love changes everything; love resolves everything. Russ Hudson… Continue Reading Type NINE: The Need for Peace

Loving the Whole Self

Enneagram: Week 1 Loving the Whole Self Monday, April 25, 2016 True love of self entails a profound acceptance of ourselves—returning to Presence and settling into ourselves as we actually are without attempting to change our experience. —Don Richard, Richard Riso and Russ Hudson [1] I believe the purpose of mature religion or spirituality is… Continue Reading Loving the Whole Self