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Tag Archives: Nonviolence

Interfaith Nonviolence

At the heart of each major religion is the vision of peace. Continue Reading Interfaith Nonviolence

Nonviolence: Weekly Summary

Nonviolence is the notion that the creative force of the universe is love. Continue Reading Nonviolence: Weekly Summary

Warriors for Peace

Who will you fight for? What will you risk? Continue Reading Warriors for Peace

Nonviolence: A Continual Practice

God is finally and fully on the side of justice and truth. Continue Reading Nonviolence: A Continual Practice

God Is a Peacemaker

God is a peacemaker, and since we are God’s sons and daughters, we are peacemakers too. Continue Reading God Is a Peacemaker

Women Working for Peace

Now, finally, we women were going to take action. Continue Reading Women Working for Peace

Nonviolence Is Power

Nonviolence is love in action, compassion and truth in action. Continue Reading Nonviolence Is Power

A Nonviolent Love

We must live in and through Another to be truly nonviolent. Continue Reading A Nonviolent Love

God’s Shalom and Racial Justice

When love enters the equation, everything changes. We ask ourselves what we’re for instead of what we’re against. Continue Reading God’s Shalom and Racial Justice

The Spiral of Violence: Weekly Summary

The root of violence is the illusion of separation—from God, from Being itself, from being one with everyone and everything. Continue Reading The Spiral of Violence: Weekly Summary

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