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Teaching Centering Prayer to the Incarcerated

Dennis McCain (’15) interviews Prison Contemplative Fellowship founder Ray Leonardini.   Dennis: Tell us how the call to serve in prisons began for you. Ray: Some time ago I read something by Thomas Merton that stung me. He said, in effect, to nourish a contemplative lifestyle one needed to pursue a “seeming aimless leisure, and a thoughtlessness of time.” From my routine, task-oriented world view, I took it… Continue Reading Teaching Centering Prayer to the Incarcerated

Leadership Spotlight: Interview with LaVera Crawley

Leadership Spotlight: Interview with LaVera Crawley CAC Board Chair and Living School alumna, LaVera Crawley (’15), recently took some time to talk with Mark Longhurst (’15) about her life; vocation; work on the CAC Board; an important Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion process that the CAC is undertaking; and more. This interview kicks off an ongoing… Continue Reading Leadership Spotlight: Interview with LaVera Crawley

Alumni Newsletter — May 2018

A Note from the Editor Dear Living School alumni, Christ is evolving in us. Our Living School formation has taught us that, come what may, the love of Christ is constant. Paradoxically, this constancy of Christ is not fixed and static but ever-flowing and always changing. Life and faith do not fit into a box,… Continue Reading Alumni Newsletter — May 2018

Mark Longhurst

Mark Longhurst has begun a blog called Ordinary Mystic featuring his own writing and that of other “ordinary mystics” who juggle jobs, family, and commitment to the contemplative life. The blog’s purpose is to cross-fertilize the many writings, photos, poems, blogs, sermons, and articles flowing from contemplative practitioners. Contact Mark at [email protected] if you’re interested… Continue Reading Mark Longhurst

Donelle Poling

Donelle Poling is one of twelve ministers of various denominations participating in the Fellows Program of the Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, located on the grounds of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN. She describe their work as follows: “We meet on a quarterly basis, engaging in round table discussions with leaders from… Continue Reading Donelle Poling

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