Online Education FAQs

Is there an application for CAC’s Online Education courses?

There is no application packet or process for individual Online Education courses. Individuals only need to register for a course through CAC's Online Bookstore to participate in it.

Is my username and password for the CAC Online Bookstore the same credentials I will use for the online course?

No, the username and password for the online course will be different from your CAC Online Bookstore username and password. You will be emailed login information for the course shortly before the course begins.

How do I register for an online course?

You can register for an online course by following the directions on a course’s description page or by going directly to the CAC Online Bookstore. You have to register for each Online Education course separately. Each course has its own opening and closing dates for registration.

Can I take just one course or do I have to take all courses offered?

You can take as many courses as you desire, and you can repeat courses if you choose. Each course that you would like to take must be registered for individually.

What are the technology requirements to participate in an online course?

Registered online learners will need reliable access to a computer that meets the requirements of the online platform. To ensure that your computer has the appropriate requirements for full functionality for online courses, please click here.

How much does an online course cost?

Each online course is $120 per participant. Please check the Online Education course catalog for courses open for registration.

Are scholarships available for an online course?

The CAC is able to offer a limited amount of tuition assistance (based on financial need) for each online course. Please fill out the Financial Assistance form for financial support for an online course. This assistance is for the registration course fee only. If the course requires a book, recipients of tuition assistance will need to locate it on their own through a local library, bookseller or the CAC Bookstore.

Can I share my username and password for an online course with others?

It is not permissible to share username, password, and login information with others. Each individual must register for an online course to participate in it.

What is the general format and length of the online courses?

Each online course is self-paced and is unique in its format. Online learners can anticipate that each course will be founded on the themes and lineage that Fr. Richard identified for the Living School. The format may include video teachings, audio teachings, commentary, online group discussion, personal reflection, contemplative practice, and more. The length of an online course is unique to each course; some courses last multiple weeks, others are a single day. When each course opens for registration, the dates of the course will be clearly displayed.

Once a course has begun, are there specific hours of access for the online course or is it accessible 24/7?

Once a course has begun, registered online learners will have access to the course 24 hours a day until the course closes. Online learners are able to go at their own pace within the (opening and closing) dates of the course.

Will Fr. Richard be teaching the online course?

Fr. Richard will be present in the course only through his books, articles, audio teachings and video teachings.

Will there be a “virtual instructor” or a “teaching assistant” in an online course?

Yes, when a course requires one, (such as a book course) a Teaching Assistant from the CAC will be present in the course.

Can I receive a bibliography of what resources are used in the course?

Whenever possible, each course will have a bibliography of the resources referenced. This will be made available to registered online learners after the course has begun.

How much work is required in each course?

All courses are self-paced within the defined duration of the course. Each online course will require different levels of time commitment depending on the subject and length of the course, as well as the online learner’s own level of engagement. When possible, each course description will estimate the time commitment for the course. Once an online learner starts the course, it will be self-paced and accessible 24 hours a day until the closing date.

Why can’t I see all of the sections of a course when I am logged in?

Each week a section of the course is “opened” for online learner access. Once a section is opened it remains open for the duration of the course. Each section displays the date it will open.

May I receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by taking one of CAC’s online courses?

If you seek CEUs, it will be up to you, as the online learner, to make arrangements with a certified organization using the course description.

Can I register for a course after it has started?

No, each learner must register for a course during the corresponding registration period before a course begins.

Is it possible to “transfer” my registration to someone else?

No, once an online learner has registered for a course they cannot transfer that registration to another person or another course at a later time.

Can I receive a refund after I have registered for an online course?

Refunds are not available once an online learner is registered in an online course. Registration occurs simultaneously when you purchase the course from CAC’s Online Bookstore.

What if I don’t finish a course on time? Can I get an extension?

Extensions are not available; courses are opened and closed on fixed dates. You can re-enroll in the next course, but there is no reduction in the registration fee, and you will need to register for the course again through CAC’s Online Bookstore.

How can I find out about new offerings in Online Education from the CAC?

To stay up to date on the latest Online Education offerings and registration dates, sign up for the CAC News emails here, or check the course catalog.

Are the Online Education courses related to the Living School?

CAC currently has two branches of study, (1) The Living School for Action and Contemplation and (2) Online Education courses. The Living School for Action and Contemplation is a 2-year program that combines online and at-home study, and on-site sessions in Albuquerque, NM. Online Education courses are self-paced and 100% online courses that individuals register for through the CAC Online Bookstore at their discretion. The course offerings in these two branches are distinct from one another.

Do I have to travel to New Mexico while enrolled in a CAC Online Education course?

No, all CAC Online Education courses are 100% online and do not require any travel. An online learner only needs a computer that meets the requirements for the online platform.

I have never taken an online course before. How difficult will it be to familiarize myself with the online format?

CAC’s online learning platform is user-friendly and easy to access. Before a course begins, online learners will be emailed instructions on how to log on and familiarize themselves with the platform and the course content. Since each course is self-paced, online learners can go through the course at the speed and level of engagement that they feel most comfortable up until the closing date of the course.

Will I need to download any software to my computer to participate in one of these online courses?

Online learners will most likely not need to download software to their computers. To ensure that your computer meets the requirements, please click here.

I lost or forgot my password to the the online course in which I’m enrolled. How do I reset my password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password for any of the Online Education courses, please email [email protected] to have your password reset. Please provide the following information in your email: first and last names, email address, name of the course.

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