The Franciscan Way

Course Description

St. Francis of Assisi occupies many hearts and gardens as an icon of gentleness and compassion. Yet he was so much more. Francis was a radical prophet whose lifestyle continues to challenge people of many faiths. The Franciscan Way closely follows Jesus’ path of simplicity, justice, and inclusivity. It is a counter-cultural movement, an “alternative orthodoxy,” that values vulnerability and union over power and independence. Franciscan Richard Rohr serves as a guide through this unfamiliar territory. In the spirit of Francis and Clare, Father Richard invites us to participate in the mystery of God’s mutual participation and presence within us and all living things.

The Franciscan Way: Beyond the Bird Bath offers a unique window into Franciscan thought and practice through Father Richard’s video teachings and guided study. Step outside your comfortable ideas and habits. Move into new experiences of God, self, and others. Dive into the ocean of God’s love that knows no boundaries or limitations.

Course Objectives

  • Cultivate Franciscan wisdom in your daily life through reflection and engagement with Fr. Richard’s teaching
  • Expand your awareness of the themes and founders of the Franciscan way, including the Franciscan Alternative Orthodoxy and the Franciscan worldview (univocity of being and the Great Chain of Being)
  • Develop your contemplative practice(s) to form the alternative consciousness which provides freedom from the dominant ego self
  • Connect and learn with others on the journey toward unitive consciousness


This self-paced, 7-week online course focuses on Richard Rohr’s teachings on the Franciscan way of seeing, participating, and being in the world. Throughout the course, you will have opportunities to:

  • Discuss course content with fellow learners from around the world
  • Access video teachings by Fr. Richard
  • Read course relevant works by Fr. Richard and others
  • Participate in a guided study
  • Engage in personal reflection and contemplative practice
  • Explore new material every week

Watch a preview of one of Fr. Richard’s teachings

Preview of Beyond the Bird Bath from CAC on Vimeo.

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