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Course Catalog

The Center for Action and Contemplation offers a rich array of vibrant, online courses. Click on the title to learn more about each course.*


Introductory Wisdom School

Join Cynthia Bourgeault as she recovers ancient wisdom from the Christian tradition and applies it to us today. This course blends teachings and embodied practice to support holistic, integral learning and transformation.

  • March 4 — June 9, 2020 (Registration is closed.)
  • August 12 — November 17, 2020 (Registration is closed.)

Cost: $195 per student


The Divine Exchange

Join Cynthia Bourgeault as she leads you on a path of discovery through The Divine Exchange, her metaphysical framework for the Christian Wisdom tradition.

  • May 6 — August 11, 2020 (Registration is closed.)

Cost: $195 per student


Mary Magdalene: Apostle to Our Own Times

Join Cynthia Bourgeault as she brings to light what made Mary Magdalene one of Jesus’ most important and beloved disciples.

  • April 8 — June 2, 2020 (Registration is closed.)
  • September 23 — November 17, 2020 (Registration is closed.)

Cost: $120 per student


Interior Castle

Take an embodied, unfolding journey through Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle with James Finley and Mirabai Starr.
  • April 22 — June 16, 2020 (Registration is closed.)
  • September 9 — November 3, 2020 (Registration is closed.)
Cost: $120 per student


The Franciscan Way: Beyond the Bird Bath

With Richard Rohr as a guide, explore the courageous heart of the Franciscan Way, discovering how all is held within the Univocity of Being.

  • February 5 — March 24, 2020 (Registration is closed.)
  • July 15 – September 1, 2020 (Registration is closed.)

Cost: $120 per student


Immortal Diamond: A Study in Search of the True Self

Learn what the Crucifixion and Resurrection mean for your transformative journey through an interactive study of Richard Rohr’s book, Immortal Diamond.

  • February 19 — April 29, 2020 (Registration is closed.)
  • August 5 – October 13, 2020 (Registration is closed.)

Cost: $120 per student


Breathing Under Water: A Spiritual Study of the Twelve Steps

Dive deep into Richard Rohr’s classic book on 12-Step spirituality and find freedom from “stinking thinking,” the universal addiction.

  • March 25 — May 19, 2020 (Registration is closed.)
  • August 26 — October 20, 2020 (Registration is closed.)

Cost: $120 per student


*Note that registration opens at least 8 weeks prior to the beginning of each course. Registration closes one week prior to the first day of the course or when it reaches capacity, whichever comes first. Scholarships may be available to those who are unable to pay the full course fee. To seek financial assistance, please complete the online Financial Assistance Form. Applications are due at least 1 week before registration is scheduled to close. Please do not register for the online course until your request for financial assistance has been processed.