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Learning to Confront Oppression With Love in February’s We Conspire Articles

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This month’s We Conspire articles honor Black History Month with wisdom from Rep. John Lewis, Rev. John Dear, Sister Mary Angela Parkins, Ruby Sales, and Rev. Jacqui Lewis.

This month’s We Conspire articles honor Black History Month with wisdom from those on the front lines, serving others for a more hopeful and equitable world. How do you confront oppression with love for others?

Becoming a Force for Love

The late US Representative John Lewis reflects on his time in the Civil Rights Movement in this 1995 interview with Rev. John Dear.

“I happen to believe that God is love, that love is God. Hate is too much of a burden to bear. If you start hating, in the end, how are you going to decide who you are going to hate today and love tomorrow?” —John Lewis (1940–2020)

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Image of Sister Mary Angela Parkins in front of shelves of food.

Creating Hope and Equity

Sister Mary Angela Parkins shows how, through the St. Felix Pantry, many people come together as one in service of peace and justice.

Seeing the face of our Lord in every person in every situation elevates everything into a context of hope. When we do not have love for our country, those who serve, those who are served, we do not have peace.” —Sister Mary Angela Parkins

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Moving Forward Toward Reconciliation

Civil Rights icon Ruby Sales reflects on her life and challenges us to recognize where the streams of racism and oppression converge in our lives. 

In this 2022 interview on the podcast Love. Period, Rev. Jacqui Lewis and Civil Rights icon Ruby Sales discuss what it means to be Black in America today.

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