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In Our End Is Our Beginning: Weekly Summary

In Our End Is Our Beginning

Summary: Sunday, December 28, 2015-Friday, January 2, 2015

From birth through the development of ego, the fall that can drop us into the “second half of life,” the descent through suffering and grief, ever evolving us toward greater awareness of our True Self, and eventually death—we are moving toward union with God and all that is. (Sunday)

I hope you will take all of what I say deeper than mere intellectual understanding, perhaps in some or all of these ways: contemplation, Sabbath, service, shadow work, spiritual direction. (Monday)

The story ends where it begins: in life and now even in “life more abundantly” (John 10:10). This Life came from “nowhere” (creatio ex nihilo) and now has my name upon it. (Tuesday)

We participate in the “communion of saints,” the force field of the Holy Spirit. This Great Tradition, the perennial philosophy, has developed through the ages, and is an inherited gift. (Wednesday)

Running throughout our sacred texts, traditions, and experience is the thread of God’s desire for union, inclusivity, non-violence, trust, patience, and healing. (Thursday)

If we can remember that we all came from God and are headed back to God, whatever circuitous route we take, I think it will help us be more humble and patient with each other. (Friday)



Take some time to chart your own journey and lineage. Think about what traditions have formed you, what individuals, authors, and experiences have shaped your view of God and reality. Find the best within them that resonates with your inner knowing of God. Forgive and let go of those pieces that are not consistent with a benevolent God, and keep following your path toward deeper union.

Gateway to Silence:
God, keep me in your truth.

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Image Credit: Ensō (円相) – Zen/Japanese calligraphy wallpaper (detail)