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Evolution of Consciousness

In Our End Is Our Beginning

Evolution of Consciousness
Sunday, December 28, 2014

From birth through the development of ego, the fall that can drop us into the “second half of life,” the descent through suffering and grief, ever evolving us toward greater awareness of our True Self, and eventually death—we are moving toward union with God and all that is.

Studies of development show a commonality to the evolution of our growth. I’ve correlated the various schemas in nine stages:

  1. My body and my self-image are who I am.
  2. My external behavior is who I am.
  3. My thoughts and feelings are who I am.
  4. My deeper intuitions and felt knowledge in my body are who I am.
  5. My shadow self is who I am.
  6. I am empty and powerless.
  7. I am much more than who I thought I was.
  8. I and the Father are one. (John 10:30)
  9. I am who I am.

The ego’s temptation is to assign itself to a higher level, and labels are inherently divisive, getting in the way of union. But I find it useful to have a map which can help us understand ourselves and others with greater compassion. Through the meditations this year I’ve attempted to offer a primer of sorts, a guide for approaching the shared human experiences of love and loss.

We each move at our own pace, mostly very slowly, with many stumblings and regressions. Yet at every stage we see grace (unearned love and growth) at work. It’s not primarily up to us. Life is living itself within us, even in spite of us. We are simply invited to join in the dance with our intention and desire, to allow grace to flourish all the more freely and abundantly. And as we practice being conscious in our loving, we find an always available love becoming our most foundational way of being. (Whenever I can remember one, I will use an appropriate Judeo-Christian Scripture to validate my major points. The connections are always there, and usually in many places. But my mind is in many places too.)

Gateway to Silence:
God, keep me in your truth.

Image Credit: Ensō (円相) – Zen/Japanese calligraphy wallpaper (detail)
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