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Fr. Richard explains what it means to live in loving relationship with God, self, others, and the world. Read the unedited transcript.

2022 Daily Meditations: Nothing Stands Alone

In the 2022 Daily Meditations, Father Richard Rohr invites you on a journey of understanding God as Relationship—with ourselves, each other, and the earth—through the theme of Nothing Stands Alone.

What could happen if we embraced the idea of God as relationship—with ourselves, each other, and the earth? Could salvation simply be the willingness to remain in loving relationship with all creation? We will explore these questions and more in the 2022 theme for Daily Meditations, Nothing Stands Alone.

Over the next twelve months we will explore how relationship itself invites us to experience God’s presence in ourselves and each other. Fr. Richard calls this “participating in the wholeness of the Body of Christ.”

“Our sense of disconnection is only an illusion. Nothing human can stop the flow of divine love; we cannot undo the eternal pattern even by our worst sin.”


This year we hope you will be encouraged to live more deeply into a loving and participatory relationship with God-as-Trinity. Too often we are taught to see the Trinity as merely a concept or a description, but God is relationship itself. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit work together as united yet distinct forces of divine love overflowing—and we are invited to join them!

Prayer for Our Community

Thank you for being a part of the Center for Action and Contemplation’s community. We invite you to listen to or join with Richard in saying a prayer for each other:

God, Lord of all creation, lover of life and of everything,  
Please help us to love in our very small way 
What You love infinitely and everywhere.  

We thank You that we can offer just this one prayer 
And that will be more than enough,  
Because in reality every thing and every one is connected,  
nothing stands alone.  

To pray for one part is really to pray for the whole,  
And so we do.

Help us each day to stand 
For love, for healing, for the good,  
For the diverse unity of the Body of Christ and all creation,  
Because we know this is what You desire:  
As Jesus prayed, that all may be one.  

We offer our prayer together with all the holy names of God,
We offer our prayer together with Christ, our Lord,

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