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Community—Weekly Summary


Summary: Sunday, April 17-Friday, April 22

There is no other form for the Christian life except a common one. (Sunday)

“This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” —John 13:35 (Monday)

Foundational love gives us hope and allows us to trust “what is” as the jumping-off point toward working together for “what can be.” (Tuesday)

People want something more from church; they long for a spirituality that connects with their whole life, not just on Sunday morning. (Wednesday)

We must help people connect to The Story, the mystery of God and the universe, so that they can understand the significance of their lives as part of the body of Christ. (Thursday)

Church, of all places, should be inclusive and reflective of our diverse and complex world. (Friday)


Practice: Agape Feast

The early Christians shared agape (love) feasts in their small communities. Somehow eating together creates a space where we can be vulnerable and present. By sharing our food, or by coming empty handed and receiving from another’s bounty, we enter true communion. Dependent on physical nourishment, we connect with the root of our human need. We are blessed by the generosity of a farmer’s labor, the Earth’s abundance, the joy of companionship.

Invite a few friends and acquaintances to join you in sharing a feast of love. You might prepare a simple meal or invite each person to bring a dish. The focus is not on the food itself, but the act of sharing that food in the presence of each other. Eat mindfully, slowly, with plenty of time for conversation, listening, and laughter. You might also sing songs or read poetry of gratitude or talk about how you are experiencing God in your lives. Be aware of God’s presence within each person and be thankful for the food that makes life possible and the love that makes life meaningful.

Gateway to Silence:
We are one in the Spirit.

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Image Credit: Sharing a Meal by alfonsejaved
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