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Perfection: A Self-Defeating Path

Spirituality of Imperfection: Week 1 Perfection: A Self-Defeating Path Wednesday, July 20, 2016 The path of union is different than the path of perfection. Perfection gives the impression that by effort I can achieve wholeness separate from God, from anyone else, or from connection to the Whole. It appeals to our individualism and our ego.… Continue Reading Perfection: A Self-Defeating Path

The Magic and Mystery of Intimacy

Scripture: Week 2 The Magic and Mystery of Intimacy Tuesday, March 1, 2016 The Great Mystery unfolds even further. It seems that Israel’s God, YHWH, who is uncovering and exposing the Divine Self in the Bible, soon desires not just images or holy writings, but even persons with whom God can be in very concrete… Continue Reading The Magic and Mystery of Intimacy

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